Assistance for foreigners



rendered by Polish lawyers in Cracow



Miśkowicz Pach i Partnerzy, a law firm based in Poland, Cracow, provides professional assistance for foreigners in all civil and economic matters.


If you think of moving to, or investing in Poland, efficient and competent assistance of a Polish lawyer with a practical approach will probably prove indispensable, at least at the beginning. Long-time experience in working with foreign Clients and hundreds of cases executed for them during 10 years of the firms’ existence have made us aware of matters which usually turn out to be most difficult for incomers and which need to be handled with particular attention and care.


Bearing in mind the fact that gravity of legal matters does not allow for a communication barrier, our lawyers speak fluent English and German, including the use of expert legal wording, which they have mastered during specialist courses, conferences, international law school programs and, above all, everyday practice.


In addition to solving specific legal problems we strive to help you understand how the local legal system works, so that you may feel at home while taking advantage of all the opportunities which Poland has to offer.


In order to meet the needs of Clients looking for an English- or German-speaking lawyer in Poland, who could provide them with comprehensive legal assistance, we have dedicated a section of our firm especially for that purpose. Apart from that, we also co-operate with professional accountants, real estate agents and managers, certified translators and notary offices.



Our law firm provides legal services, among others, in the following areas:




Settlement and work permit issues


  • settling in Poland, inclusive of acquiring settlement permits
  • representing Clients in proceedings regarding the acquiring of work permits



Purchase and transfer of real estates, shares and other assets


  • acquiring assets in Poland, including real estates
  • due diligence of real estates and enterprises
  • Client representation in all stages of purchasing and transferring real estates, both on the primary and secondary market; drafting and reviewing real estate contracts as well as negotiating their terms and conditions; representation and assistance at the meetings with potential buyers/sellers and at the notary offices
  • assistance for foreign owners of real estates located in Poland; insuring and leasing real estates; contacts with housing communities and representation at their meetings
  • acquiring permits for purchasing real estates and shares by foreign entities in accordance with the Polish Act on purchasing real estates by foreigners
  • contacts with banks regarding credit agreements, inclusive of mortgage loans; establishing mortgages and other securities
  • cases regarding defects of real estates and warranty matters
  • purchasing and transferring shares in Polish based companies
  • merger and acquisition procedures (M&A transactions) with the participation of foreign entities
  • receipt and forwarding of correspondence form the courts, housing communities and banks


Starting and conducting business activity


  • assistance in starting and running a business in Poland
  • establishing companies and dealing with all connected formalities in courts and public offices
  • establishing branches and representations offices
  • finding seats for entrepreneurs and partnerships/companies
  • advising on legal requirements regarding the conducting of business activity in Poland
  • legal preparation of e-commerce activity, including Internet sites, shops and portals
  • hiring employees, also foreign ones, and keeping all necessary labour documentation
  • participation in public procurement procedures
  • advising on intellectual property issues; drafting license contracts, transferring and registering intellectual property and new technology rights; preparation of non-disclosure agreements
  • tax consulting
  • debt collection




Living and working abroad, acquiring assets or commencing business activity in a different country is always a challenge. Let us help you tackle it well. Miśkowicz Pach i Partnerzy team of experienced lawyers from Cracov is waiting for You.