Construction law


The legal services offered by MIŚKOWICZ PACH I PARTNERZY Law Firm include also professional advice in the field of broadly understood construction law. Our Clients are domestic and foreign investors – construction companies, developers, real estate owners and individual entities.

We have extensive experience in dealing with matters related to improper performance of construction agreements, insolvency of the entities involved in the construction process, joint and several liability of the investor and the contractor, as well as claims under warranties and guaranties.

We offer assistance in:

  • drawing up a comprehensive analysis of the legal status of real estate and assessing the risk associated with investments;
  • providing ongoing service of developer projects, construction companies and investors;
  • negotiating, drawing up and providing opinion on the agreements concluded within the investment process, including construction agreements, on the basis of the Civil Code and FIDIC, contracts for specific work, supply agreements, contracts for mandate and other contracts binding for the entities implementing the investment;
  • carrying out all administrative and legal procedures necessary for the commencement and completion of a construction investment or legalizing an illegal construction (for more visit the Administrative matters section)


  • at the Client’s request, we draw up legal opinions in the field of construction law;
  • in case when legal problems occur related to the construction process, we represent the interest of investors and contractors in negotiations, legal disputes and mediation proceedings;
  • in particular, we assist in pursuing contractual penalties, compensation claims and claims under guaranties or warranties for defects from unreliable contractors;
  • or recovering amounts due from investors on account of remuneration, contractual penalties and compensation;
  • furthermore, we represent persons holding independent functions in construction in proceedings related to the implementation of construction investments;
  • we also offer our services in terms of any other problems which may occur in the course of the investment, such as legalization of an illegal construction