Debt collection


Our Law Firm, within the comprehensive and effective legal service of Companies and individual Clients, also offers recovery of debts from the Debtors, including on the pre-trial stage. For this purpose, we have created a special department of debt collection.

Methods of operation

Within the debt collection services, we undertake a range of activities aimed at the effective recovery of debts, not only from the Debtors seated or residing in Krakow, but also across Poland. The legal means undertaken are always adjusted to the individual situation of each Client, so that the debt is recovered in the fastest and cheapest way. Our Law Firm broadly uses a variety of legal instruments available to the Creditors in the course of pursuing their claims against the Debtors.

Amicable recovery of debts stage

On behalf of our Clients, we draw up a pre-trial request for payment and send warnings before the administrative enforcement is instituted. We also conduct proceedings to secure claims on the property of the Debtors, in particular in the form of seizure of bank accounts and amounts due, establishment of a compulsory mortgage on real estate, prohibition of selling and encumbering real estate and establishing an administrative receivership over the business of the Debtor. Finally, we attempt to settle the case amicably before the court.

Court recovery of debts stage

The legal counsels from our Law Firm have extensive experience in the court recovery of debts in prescriptive, admonishing and standard mode. If prerequisites occur, we also carry out electronic admonishing procedures.

Enforcement stage

We offer representation to our Clients also in the course of enforcement proceedings, both court and administrative. We seek the property of the Debtors and conduct proceedings for disclosure thereof. Furthermore, our Law Firm has extensive experience in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings, including the drawing up of bankruptcy filings and submissions of claims. Finally, in case of ineffective enforcement against Companies, court proceedings for payment are instituted against the partners of partnerships and members of the management board of limited liability companies.
We also conduct proceedings for recognition of legal action as ineffective (Actio Pauliana)

Effects of actions undertaken

Thanks to the existing cooperation between the legal counsels from our Law Firm and Court Enforcement Officers from Krakow and other cities, the enforcement proceedings are conducted efficiently and allow for faster satisfaction of the claims of our Clients. On many occasions, the letters from a professional lawyer, e.g. in the form of requests for payment, are effective and mobilize the Debtors to promptly pay the amounts due.

It is therefore worth to entrust your case to our Law Firm, not only for the duration of the court proceedings, but also on the later stage.