Administrative law


Within its department of administrative law, Miśkowicz Pach i Partnerzy Law Firm provides comprehensive legal service in all proceedings before public administration bodies (government and local government administration), voivodeship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court

We offer legal assistance in matters such as:

  • construction law, including legal assistance in the course of proceedings concerning the award of construction permits (both to the investors and other parties to the proceedings), award of use permits, filings required under construction law and in reporting illegal construction;
  • spatial planning and development, including legal assistance in the course of the planning procedure, contesting spatial development plans (on the stage of the proceedings before the authorities and in the proceedings before administrative courts), as well as in the pursuit of claims by owners and holders of perpetual usufruct of real estate in relation to the entry into force of the development plan (compensation, exchange of real estate), legal assistance in matters related to zoning and determination of the location for a public purpose investment;
  • analysis of the possibility for the development of real estate and implementation of investments in terms of the requirements under construction law, regulations on spatial development and environmental protection;
  • the so-called special purpose acts, including the special purpose Road Act and Railway Act;
  • matters related to expropriation (we offer both legal service for entities claiming the return of real estate, invalidity of the deeds pursuant to which the expropriation has occurred, compensation, as well as legal service for entities subject to claims of the former and current owners of the expropriated real estate);
  • pursuing claims from the Treasury, local government units and other public entities in relation to the seizure, expropriation and use of our Clients’ real estate, as well as other cases in which the activities  of public administration bodies have caused damage on the side of our Clients;
  • matters related to real estate seized for public roads;
  • matters related to environmental law, geological law and mining law;
  • all other matters related to the legal status of real estate (matters related to usufruct and other related to real estate management, purchase of real estate by foreigners);
  • appeals against local law and other resolutions and regulations of local government bodies (gminas, poviats and voivodeships);
  • matters related to conducting a regulated business activity, obtaining licenses, permits and concessions.