Bankruptcy law


More and more often in the Polish economic and market realities, restructuring and bankruptcy processes are perceived in line with their actual function, which is to satisfy and protect the interest of creditors as much as possible while maintaining the operating business of the debtor or commencing a new stage of functioning thereof. At the same time, within the above sections, it is important to put in order the relationships between both the creditors and the debtor, as well as among the creditors themselves, or their groups, which often present different strategies of operation.

A proper approach to the matters of restructuring and bankruptcy, in particular the implementation of the solutions covered thereby on the early stage, creates a chance to avert or even avoid situations which may seem hopeless at first.

Furthermore, despite the presence of many participants and bodies, the active participation of the individual creditors in the restructuring/bankruptcy of the debtor eventually ensures the best protection of their claims.

The lawyers from our Law Firm deal with many aspects of restructuring and bankruptcy.

To our Clients we offer, in particular:

  • drawing up filings for bankruptcy of entrepreneurs on behalf of the creditor/debtor;
  • drawing up filings for consumer bankruptcy;
  • legal assistance and support of the debtor in fulfilling his obligations in the course of restructuring/bankruptcy proceedings, including in dealing with the supervisor/receiver/administrative receiver;
  • analysis of arrangement proposals;
  • submitting claims and objections against the list of claims;
  • legal assistance and representation of board members in matters related to responsibility for the liabilities of corporations;
  • advice on the participation in tenders organized in the course of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • dealing with cases of Actio Pauliana related to the activities undertaken by the debtor;
  • legal service in matters related to bans on conducting business activity.